A Great Discovery

This morning I woke up and some lucky internet marketer caught my attention and WOW am I glad he or she did. It was an email advertisement, which I seldom open, to join a safelist. It promised to blast my advertisement to over 3 million safelist members. I decided to join since it was a one time, lifetime subscription. Here is the link in case you too are interested.  I’ll be sure to post my results tomorrow.  Here’s a copy of the email I sent out too.   I usually send this email out when I want to recover my expenses.  Then, all future mailings are centered around “Affiliate Tech Reviews”, which has several opt-in options.  For me, since I’m not greedy, getting 10 to 20 opt-ins per day is considered a good day.  I have great things planned once my list totals reach 1000. 



I’ve put together a list of my top five software programs and would like to share that list with you.  These are simply my favorite software programs that never get old and have given me the most bang for my buck.  I’m certain you will feel the same. 

Goodsync File Synchronization and Backup Software – http://bit.ly/10K09dQ

Roboform Password Manager – http://bit.ly/XytYgG

AVS4YOU Multimedia Software (Lifetime License) – http://bit.ly/Z5Lypb

DVDFAB DVD Copy (Lifetime Licence) – http://bit.ly/ZC8KsT

Advanced System Care Ultimate (3 Licenses) – http://bit.ly/YbhOYK

Genie Timeline Pro – http://bit.ly/13XQO38


Tim Slazyk



About Tim Slazyk

I'm a retired IT Technician with a side business, WNY Computer Repair, who likes computers, a lot. As a result, I spend a lot of time on computers and have become facinated with internet marketing. I've learned one critical thing. It isn't easy. Fortunately for me, I have the right people on my side, meaning all of the software I promote is not only extremely useful but can earn you money. I have no problem promoting it because I use it. I also enjoy doing "nothing". Aside from doing nothing, I am co-founder of an organization named "Project Mother Earth 360", which is basically myself and an Indian scientist/inventor with patented and pending patent technology for reducing and preventing high CO2 counts in the atmosphere. http://www.projectmotherearth.com. We are listed on www.ongreen.com in hopes of locating funds so we can begin construction of our first facility in New Zealand. I'm just going along for the ride since I know this is a very sensitive subject with people. I've learned they want nothing to do with the environment. They turn and look the other way. Which is really sad since everything in our 24 page CO2 report is fact. I'm married with two children and hope that this organization grows to make them proud of their dear old Dad.
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